The job applicants of the nursing industry that are searching for a well developed and established nursing industry that can offers lucrative salary package, should move to US to end their search. The requirement of the nursing staff members is very high in the country because it is facing the crisis of the nursing professionals. The main reason behind the heavy increasing demand is that there are large numbers of sick and ailing population, so in order to take care of them and to treat them, several nursing professionals are required. The demand for the licensed practical nurse is second highest in the nursing sector of the United States. According to the employment department of nation, LPNs can expect a growth rate of 21% in their jobs every year.

The applicants that want to get the job of practical nurse in US, must matches with the eligibility criteria stated by the United States board of nursing, which include-the age of the candidate must be 18 years or above, must not have any criminal record or the applicant should not be anti-social element, must possess graduate degree in nursing or an equivalent degree, must have completed the practical nurse training program from an approved institute and lastly, must have cleared the national licensing exam for practical nurse and lpn programs in nyc.

The time period of the LPN class is between 9 and 18 months in US. The cost of the fee is convenient and affordable. In the training classes, the applicants are offered full theoretical and practical knowledge related to the syllabus of the examination. The candidates are provided theoretical knowledge in detail, whereas in practical session they are made to practice various nursing skills that are also the part of the job duties of practical nurse. To evaluate the students and to make them understand the format of the exam, they are put in to practice tests. The experts of the nursing industries guide educate and develop the skills of the students and make them efficient enough to get through the tough exam of practical nurse.

After the completion of the training period, applicants are allowed to take test. The aspirants must deposit the examination fee along with the application form before the date of the exam. The test is held in two parts on the same day that are written and hands on portions, candidate need to complete the exam in 5 hours because it is the time limit decided by the examining authority.
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