How many of you suffer from herpes, that annoying blemishes, also known as fever of lips?

Lip herpes is an infection triggered by the presence of the virus called Herpes Simplex and causes this annoying problem is stress or the general malaise that lowering the immune system, make us more vulnerable to virus attack. In case of herpes there are some basic rules to follow:

Lip herpes

- Does not scratch the blisters
- Do not touch your eyes after touching the infected part
- Wash your hands frequently with soap
- Avoid contact with the lips of your body than other people because herpes is contagious
- Do not use lipstick or lip balm until fully recovered
- Protect your lips with stick protection when you are exposed to intense sun (in the mountains or the sea).

In addition to these simple rules there are also totally natural remedies that allow curing herpes. Here are some simple recipes:

1. Infusion of red sorrel and wild rose: Drink tea made with these herbs allows faster healing herpes.

2. Pack of strawberry and lemon: Apply a lip on the strawberry mixture and whisk in lemon juice and let set for 15 minutes

3. Compress with vinegar: Rub the injured part with a wad of cotton wool soaked in vinegar which dry the vesicles during their formation and accelerates the formation of black crust and, consequently, healing

4. Pack and infusion of lemon balm: Prepared by combining the infused tea and lemon balm leaves or create a poultice to be applied directly on the lip by filtering everything through cheesecloth. Leave on for at least 10 minutes.

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