There are many types of headaches and is often not easy to understand the causes of this symptom. A rather strong headache is one that derives from the hypertension high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is fought with the right prescription, it is often hereditary, but also is enhanced by bad eating habits like excessive salty foods.

Headache and hypertension

In some countries, like South Africa, this disease affects approximately six million people, one in four. The black African population is particularly sensitive to the problem. Most of the subjects affected by hypertension there coexist for years without having awareness of the disease, which too often is diagnosed only when symptoms are severe.

In addition to headaches can be vision problems, runny nosed blood, feeling nausea, vomiting, insomnia and even seizures. If it is not recognized in time and with the right combination of medications and dietary regime, can be much more serious complications such as kidney failure, stroke, heart attack or dialysis.

Beyond the inheritance, the risks increase after 35 years for obese individuals who accumulate fat at abdomen, but also for those who are subject to stress, excessive smoking, and alcohol abuse.

To keep your blood pressure under control, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, doctors recommend eating little during 3-6 small meals per day. Food councils speak of a healthy and balanced diet, where it feeds on fruits and vegetables at least five days a week, with a good supply of fiber from whole grains and nuts, low saturated fat little sugary drinks and alcohol.

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