The strength and hair loss in menopause may represent, for many women, a problem that should not be underestimated, it is not uncommon, in fact, that during this particular phase of life, you may experience some thinning on the head pretty clear, easily recognizable because of a fallen significantly higher to the physiological one.

Hair Loss in Menopause

First, it is good to reassure all women that they are found to live in spite of a fall of hair more or less intense during menopause: hair loss in menopause is a natural phenomenon, which need not be of concern.

As well known, in fact, the menopause is a phase of life that corresponds to the loss of fertility, thus inevitably occur in the physical appearance of the woman a series of Hormonal disruptions of some importance; hair loss in menopause, therefore, as for example the hair loss in lactating, is a phenomenon linked almost exclusively to changes in hormonal values of the woman.

Menopause is a stage of life that can lead to different problems of a physical nature and psychic: From the classic to the weakening of bones, hot flashes, sudden weight gain at the onset of depression more or less intense, so we must think first of all to overcome this period as well as possible, in wellness and health; for this reason, it will be better not to use, to keep hair thick, of Medicines or otherwise of products that can cause unwanted side effects.

It ‘s much better, from this point of view, point of food supplements completely natural, or use of treatments anti woman to be applied directly on the scalp, such as the vials of the line Bioscalin.

Bioscalin vials fall woman is a product designed specifically for the needs of women, as we well know, in fact, hair loss in women has many characteristics that are different from male pattern baldness, treatment and arrest of this type is very suitable for solving the widespread problem of health hair in menopause.

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