The cosmetic surgery of the nose are undoubtedly among the most requested ever: the shape of the nose, in fact, largely depends on the harmony of the face, facial beauty, therefore having a nose proportionate is considered by many people really important.

Cosmetic surgery of the nose, technically referred to as Rhinoplasty, can cover a wide range of interventions or rather, of somewhat similar in features, but which have as purpose to correct different aesthetic defects of this part of the face.

Very often, the cosmetic surgery of nose aims to eliminate anti-aesthetic gibe present on the back of the nose: the nose shape, thus the harmony of facial profile, is undoubtedly a very important aspect for the beauty of the person, man or woman.

Cosmetic surgery of the nose

A nose can also be excessively voluminous, both in length and in width, therefore, an intervention of cosmetic surgery may be necessary in this sense, or the nasal septum can be deviated, and therefore require corrective action.

It should be pointed out also that the cosmetic surgery of the nose may be carried out both in the case where the nose of the present due to imperfections of various types of traumatic events, such as the breakage of the nasal septum, both in the case in which the nose has a shape natural unpleasant.

Like any surgery cosmetic surgery, Rhinoplasty requires a preliminary discussion between the patient and the doctor and it is the responsibility of professional intervention when assessing the feasibility of evaluating the reasons also psychological.

What is an intervention of Rhinoplasty? In essence, the surgeon first provides to separate the skin layer from the bone nasal, and after intervenes with adequate tools to consume the bone at the desired locations.

After surgery, there must be at least a couple of weeks of hospitalization, since appear of dark circles rather conspicuous on the face, and nose will remain swollen for several days.

The cosmetic surgery of the nose, if made in centers with good technologies and especially by medical preparations, is not dangerous.

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