What are the properties of argan oil? This particular natural element, although it can boast a very ancient usage, has become in recent times one of the most popular beauty products and required.

properties of argan oil

Argan oil is a natural substance that is extracted from a plant, Argania Spinosa, widespread in North African areas, it is no coincidence then, if the ‘Moroccan argan oil is regarded as the best ever.

Argan oil, which is essentially just picked from the plant and without further processing, was used since ancient times by the local populations with different purposes and today the cosmetics has exploited the potential of this substance to propose a natural product with great effectiveness.

Let’s get to it: what are the properties of argan oil?

First, argan oil is an excellent substance for hair care: Applying the argan oil on the hair, it is possible to disentangle the hair, making them more beautiful and soft, without forgetting that argan oil is also considered a fall product of first quality, being able to strengthen the hair from the root to the drum.

Among the properties of argan oil, there is also to be able to make the skin of the face younger and more beautiful thanks to an effective smoothing action, this substance, therefore, is also an excellent anti-aging treatment.

It does not end here: the oil of argan is also a panacea for the nails, therefore is excellent for the women that love to treat the actual hands and decorate the nails in different manners.

Being a natural product rather rare in nature, which requires some hard work for its extraction, the price of argan oil is slightly higher than the average for other cosmetics however, the properties of argan oil is such an absolutely worth spending a little higher.

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