It ‘was published a new guide on the web devoted entirely to wrinkle treatments, a valuable resource to understand in depth what are the causes of the signs of aging on the face, and to identify the most appropriate treatments to combat it.

New anti-wrinkle treatments

On the other hand, it is possible to acquire hundreds of different types of anti-wrinkle products therefore it is not easy to navigate so many proposals before, thanks to the guide lines you can easily locate the cosmetic best suits their needs.

The first fundamental distinction that it is useful to recognize the best to choose the wrinkles and, consequently, a suitable product,in between man and women wrinkles

There are some very significant differences between male and female ones, wrinkles, so it is absolutely vital to intervene in a targeted way: men, for example, are more prone to wrinkles on the forehead, but the women with wrinkles around the eyes.

In addition to this you can define, as outlined in the guide, three different types of wrinkles, or the micro wrinkles, gravitational wrinkles and wrinkles actinic.

The micro wrinkles skin folds are those that appear early in life, and which require action primarily smoothing wrinkles gravitational ones are marked as to make the less adherent to the face, therefore, subject to gravity, while the wrinkles actinic are of skin furrows rather deep, fairly typical of older persons.

On this new website is finally in-depth a topic of great interest: called expression lines, or those little folds of skin that are formed on the face when we express joy, anger or other feelings, and should not be neglected if one wants to avoid becoming visible even when the face is relaxed.

The guide on anti-wrinkle treatments can be very valuable to keep your skin younger for a long time, and to identify anti-wrinkle products best suit your needs.

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