The aging skin in menopause is a phenomenon that affects many women who really live this delicate stage of life, which corresponds to the loss of fertility.

skin in menopause

During menopause, as known, occur several hormonal changes, since they involve physical and psychological disorders, in addition to the imperfections in many cases quite evident, such as the sudden increase in weight, or indeed, an apparent aging of the skin in menopause.

In menopause, various substances naturally contained in the skin, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, decreases dramatically, making the skin more fine, less resistant, less compact.

And then, how to effectively counteract aging skin in menopause?

First, one must try to overcome the period in the manner as smooth as possible, following a suitable diet and using natural products specific to the menopause, such as the food supplements anti vampire, Products rich in substances such as soybeans.

In addition to this, it is equally important to choose products that can return to the cute face those substances which are naturally limited due to aging skin in menopause: based on the type of imperfections present on your face, you will choose cosmetics micro wrinkles, specific wrinkles, wrinkles or gravitational Actinic.

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