The root canal of a tooth is a process that is necessary in many cases, particularly after repeated interventions by dental caries in the case of very deep or even when they should break or chip a tooth significantly.

The devitalization of teeth

In this case, in fact, it is possible that the person experiences pain, excessive and prolonged tooth sensitivity to cold or heat, or swelling occur, or a discoloration of the tooth pain. The cause of these events is the fact that the inner pulp the tooth was infected or inflamed, precisely because as mentioned, trauma, tooth decay or similar problems.

The intervention of the root canal of a tooth, in essence, serves to eliminate this infection status at the domestic level, the pain subsiding and giving the tooth precisely, as pointed out by the same word, a new force and a state of perfect health.

This endodontic surgery requires the professional to intervene with a special tool to remove the infected pulp from the tooth, to replace it later with a special material that will be sealed inside with special adhesive cement. To complete the operation, also in a later session will hold the hear with a capsule which will enable the person to recover full functionality even in the teeth and oral hygiene to heal normally.

But how much it costs devitalization of teeth? Rates are variable and range from $ 100 per tooth to a maximum of 300 euros. Again, the advice is valid does not trust excessively low bids, with prices well below market, since they probably hide some shortages in terms of ‘dental hygiene, in the quality of the materials chosen or in the equipment supplied to the dentist.

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