The acne scars is an aesthetic defect common to many people, which can be easily avoided by following, from an early age, some simple precautions.

disease of the skin

The ‘acne, as known is a real disease of the skin, very common, which affects people of all ages, although they are certainly much more exposed young so boys and girls age close to 15 years.

The cause of acne is an inflammatory origin, and the aesthetic effect that results is a dense presence of pimples on the skin, also often accompanied by redness or oiliness.

Acne can occur on the face, shoulders, chest, but obviously the skin area that requires more care is undoubtedly the face; People affected by acne, therefore, wish to avoid in all ways that acne scars can remain visible on the cheeks or forehead.

It is not ruled out that acne fact, perhaps the most prominent, which manifests itself in adolescence as mentioned, can permanently damage the skin, Leaving the skin blemishes and discolorations more or less obvious.

How then, for avoid acne scars

Firstly, since the first appearances of this skin imperfection is well choose face creams for your skin type and obviously also to their sex, in order to reduce excess Sebaceous secretion and keep skin fresh.

In addition, dermatologists recommend do not touch the areas affected by inflammation, because there is a real risk of further damage the skin and make it more exposed to the risk of acne scars.

And ‘possible, however, act on acne scars later in life, to remove them by means of special treatments.

In this regard, effective treatments are for example filler, which have a mostly filler, techniques “resurfacing” that smoothes the skin, and other surgical treatments.

It should be noted, however, that interventions designed to eliminate acne scars in most cases can only make less visible these imperfections, so do not expect the results are consistently impressive, much better to treat acne with attention since its appearance.

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