The technique of massage from India, Ayurvedic massage, is sought for its virtues, both therapeutic and relaxing. Massage of the head, stomach, muscle relaxation technique, it is partly the specifics of Ayurvedic massage.

Ayurvedic massage

Massage Chavutti thimural for muscle pain

The massage Chavutti Thimural is a technique of medicine Ayurvedic that belongs to the branch Rasayanam. It is counseled for the people that have a job of the rather loaded, subject time to the anxiety and the fatigue. To practice it, the massager uses the feet in order well to readjust the vital saps or doshas. By way of information, it exists three supplementary energies in the body of the man: the vata, the kappha and the pitta. When these energies are in imbalance, the organism in suffers. It is for this reason that the massage Chavutti Thimural aims to harmonize them in order to offer relaxation and well-being.

To practice this technique of Ayurvedic massage, the massaged lies on a massage table in your underwear. The session is done with two therapists: one applies massage oil while the other practice massage with the feet based on the parallel bars. Its aim is to reduce muscle and joint pain, stimulate the flow of energies, relieve stress and restore tone to the massaged. In addition, the immune system is strengthened and toxins are eliminated through Chavutti Thimural. A massage session lasts an hour which leaves you very relaxed mentally and physically.

The Sarasvati-massage for women looking for femininity

The Sarasvati-massage is characterized by the body part where it is practical: the abdomen. This Ayurvedic massage is sought for more preventive and curative properties. This massage technique is highly recommended to women for the awakening of femininity and thanks to its impact on the female reproductive system. She is also sought for his virtue antitoxin via the lymphatic system. As with all massages belonging to Ayurvedic medicine, the Sarasvati-massage also has relaxing properties, enough to provide well-being nervous or anxious women and for pregnant women.

At a meeting of Sarasvati-massage, the massaged lies on a futon or mat on the floor. Wearing a garment to easily perform the massage of the belly is paramount. The practice is done in 30 minutes with the application of hot oil followed by slow movements and soothing to the abdomen. This massage is characterized by the absence of tonic approach. At the level of manual operations, actions are accurately for a good effect on the body and mind.

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