The term dysmenorrhea indicate those periods which, for women, of unwanted physical discomfort.

The dysmenorrhea should not be confused with the SPM, which is the Premenstrual syndrome, which on the contrary implies that accumulation of physical and mental disorders that may occur in women just before the cycle occurs.

Women affected by dysmenorrhea are numerous, and there is also to add that the typical hassles of Dysmenorrhea can be very different, besides manifesting in a more or less accentuated, from mild annoyance to the disorder that seriously affects the everyday life of the person.


In most cases, the dysmenorrhea involves abdominal cramps or pelvic region, back discomfort, headache, nausea and a general sense of malaise.

There are two different types of dysmenorrhea: the primary dysmenorrheal and the secondary.

The primary dysmenorrheal occurs more often in adolescence, then in the early years when the woman begins to have the cycle, and in these cases in addition to more traditional problems also arise feelings of vomiting, dizziness, and diarrhea.

In the event of primary dysmenorrheal should be particularly intense, we must act with special pain and inflammation, which may be recommended by a physician after a careful examination and should preferably be taken at the first signs of the advent of the cycle. We should add that the pill can guarantee good results in this direction, greatly reducing the amount of noise.

However, the secondary dysmenorrhea menstruation is a particularly annoying which is caused by other important physical discomfort, such as benign tumors of the uterus (fibroids), ovarian cysts, internal genital abnormalities, endometriosis or inflammation.

During the secondary dysmenorrhea, the physical discomfort occurs during the entire period of menstruation, and to intervene in a precise manner is fundamental to the opinion of a physician, because, indeed, the basis of pain there are other health problems.

Distinguish the various forms of dysmenorrhea and in general the most common menstrual pain, it is essential to overcome the best menstruation and to reduce the size of the more obvious physical and psychological discomfort.

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