The high cholesterol comes from a variety of sources including inheritance and poor nutrition. Let’s see some tips to prevent it.

high cholesterol

Pay attention to your diet: Eating too much saturated fat can cause the increase in cholesterol. This type of fat is not healthy for our bodies to be found generally in foods that come from animals. The beef, pork, tenderloin, milk, eggs, butter and cheese contain saturated fats. Packaged foods that contain coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa butter contain too much saturated fat harmful for our health.

Control your weight: Be overweight increases triglycerides and lowers HDL or good cholesterol.

Take plenty of physical activity: Be always in movement is very important. In fact, the lack of physical activity can increase the LDL or bad cholesterol and lowers the HDL or good cholesterol.

The age and sex counts: After twenty years cholesterol generally begins to increase. For men, this level starts to drop after fifty years, whereas in women remains low until menopause after which rises to the level of the male sex.

Make periodic checks for your health: It’s good to do a physical check up every year and be explained by their family doctor the risks that are imposed when you start to suffer from this disease, especially heart disease risks. Suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes and hypothyroidism is a risk that cholesterol increases.

Inheritance as a risk factor: if any member of your family has high cholesterol, it is possible that even you can have it. It’s good to verify in the event.

Smoking is bad: Smoking can lower the good cholesterol and may even kill it completely, so it is strongly advised not to smoke at all.

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