The majority of adults are affected by back pain, especially women, for various reasons. Here are some tips about it.

How to cure back pain

The origins of back pain

The back is fully supported by the spine. The pain may therefore affect all parts of the body. So, back pain can affect the vertebrae, disc, ligaments, muscles or joints. It can result from many different causes. This can occur with age, or only some of the consequences of inadequate movement in our body. Sometimes psychological factors can also cause back pain, including stress, anxiety, depression, etc.. We distinguish neck pain, when pain affects the neck involving the upper spine. There is back pain that attack the middle of the back, where the majority of back pain or chest. Low back pain are located on the lower back.

Back pain occurs mostly among women. Osteoporosis can trigger back pain in women. Also, pregnancy causes and worsens as back pain. Because the stomach is the volume, center of gravity of the body moves, and the hormones of pregnancy cause a relaxation of the tissues, thereby back pain. These can be acute and less persistent, but also chronic and recurrent.

A few tips for back pain remedy

Above all, avoid bad actions that can traumatize the back and avoid wearing too heavy. Try to move correctly; do not look right by standing still. If you need a load to the floor, bend your knees without bending the back and lower yourself. Take the load by carrying close to your body and get up.

Also, have a good posture at the computer especially if you work for hours on end. The consequences may not occur directly, but its impact will be a few years later. So, the chair should be well adequate with a record high enough to you lean while putting you at the bottom of the chair. Place your forearms on the desk and the screen should be looked down rather than up. Prefer to walk rather than always starting by car, and regular sport. Strengthen your back with relaxation exercises and stretching.

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