The crowns for teeth are structures which allow a person with damaged teeth or consumed to recover optimally shaped teeth, both functionally and aesthetically.

Dental crowns

In the event that a person has damaged teeth, chipped or worn a lot, therefore, the crown is a custom made, which essentially covers exactly missing volumes the tooth, allowing the patient to recover in a simple and easy a set of teeth from uniform, with all its benefits in terms of functional and aesthetic. The causes the basis for an intervention of this type can be different: the tooth may have it ruined by a filling, the natural effect of grinding of the teeth, or even a trauma, which can be such an accident.

The dentist, in these cases, the work in this way: the tooth is damaged or frayed slightly shaped with special tools, in order to give an optimal form for the application of a crown. After this step you can take action by applying the crown on the tooth, and for this kind of elements are generally used materials such as porcelain, fiber glass and precious metal alloys such as gold and palladium, is obviously important that the artificial surface of the tooth is as close as possible to that of natural teeth.

Upon the recommendation of the dentist, the dental crown will be made by a qualified and will be supplied in short time for the application in the mouth, the procedure is painless, relatively quick, and also, must be provided at least two sessions: one for the modeling of the affected tooth and another for the insertion of the crown on the tooth with special dental cement available to all qualified professionals. Surgery done, you can oral hygiene care without problems, then using brushes, mouthwashes and other products.

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