The tired legs are a very common disorder in the summer and suffer the most are women. What determines this pain and discomfort that accompanies us for the summer months?

tired legs

The legs are tired and weary due to the heat that affects movement and especially the micro-circulation that affects our legs. Often this disorder is exacerbated by poor posture of the legs.

Stare long hours standing or sitting with legs crossed, is certainly a cause that accentuates the discomfort in the legs.

A little secret remedy if you are forced to stay several hours sitting in the office, at your desk job, is to move your legs often and do not keep still or crossed. Also treat yourself often for a break from the chair; you arise a few minutes to stir the circulation that affects the legs.

This disorder is accentuated mostly in the evening after a day full of work commitments and classic routines, a good remedy would be to sit with your legs raised off the ground.

Also, if the discomfort becomes unbearable, it is good idea to have refreshing creams that help to counteract the disturbance of tired legs. In addition there are many natural products that can bring relief to the legs.

Specific supplements and drops may already be consumed from the earliest days of summer. If you already know to suffer from tired legs in the summer, might be a good start to take preventive action to specific blueberry supplements, for example, which helps the circulation, since the first days of June.

You will also need to change some eating habits, prefer a diet with low salt and fostered lots of fruits and vegetables.

Also choose shoes with heels are not too dizzy. Take, in fact, high-heeled shoes too often and either every day, can bring serious damage to the movement of legs.

As well as should be avoided synthetic clothing and too elastic, prefer fresh cotton fabrics that do not shake your legs.

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