If you are looking for effective remedies for premenstrual syndrome, Cyclodynon is a food supplement made ​​from the fruits of chaste tree (Vitex agnus castus L), a shrub which has proven to have great healing properties and can be very useful to body from this point of view.

premenstrual syndrome

Many women, in fact, suffer particularly premenstrual syndrome, both physically and from a purely emotional during this time of the month, in fact, it can cause headaches, breast tenderness, bloating and edema peripheral, not to mention numerous other psychological aspects, such as irritability, tantrums, more or less intense depression, anxiety and a desire not to have social relationships.

Cyclodynon is a natural dietary supplement that strict clinical tests have proven to be very effective against pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), significantly reducing the physical discomfort and psychological complications typical of this phase.

The properties of Cyclodynon, moreover, are not only useful against SPM, but are an important aid for all women who are affected by menstrual irregularities, or too close or long delays menstruation, and thanks to the active ingredients in this supplement Food, therefore, menstrual cycles will happen with greater regularity, and both the physical and the psyche will greatly benefit.

Doctors say that about 5% of women affected by PMS, then the pre menstrual lives with a feeling of deep emotional distress and living with different physical discomfort.

The supplement Cyclodon is available in two different versions, Clyclodynon and Cyclodynon Fort; the latter contains the largest amount of agnus castus, and is therefore suitable for SPM particularly intense.

The products Cyclodynon to ensure highest quality for those who use them, provide for the special procedures for collection of Chasteberry, a special extraction process and especially rigorous controls.

Before embarking on the use of the integrator Cyclodynon, as well as any other medicine for the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, it is definitely advisable to request an opinion from your gynecologist.

Among the remedies for premenstrual syndrome, however, Cyclodynon is undoubtedly one of the most successful ever, and the beneficial effects of treatment begin to become tangible after about 3 months.

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