With the arrival of warmer temperatures, in the gym often becomes much more difficult, despite what many people choose to continue their workouts to maintain a good level of form and on the beach to show off an enviable physical.

gym during warmth month

Do not break at all workouts bodybuilding is certainly good for the body, since it can maintain an enviable muscle tone, without feeling the relaxation of a typical vacation.

All athletes who practice this discipline, however, must bear in mind some aspects to train at a profit even during the warmer months.

In summer, in fact, the strength tends to decrease because of high temperatures, and consequently those who are used to train with heavy loads have to review its board.

Training for muscle mass, ie, those that expect to run a few repetitions of exercises with weights and consistent, are therefore more difficult to do in the summer months.

We must also consider that in the summer, for physiological reasons, we tend to lose some ‘weight, therefore this factor affects the maintenance of muscle mass. In essence, then, in the hottest season is good to choose a different type of workout in the gym.

Not necessarily have to modify the exercises, even the basic training will remain the same, but it will be useful in reducing the loads and increase the number of repeated, for example, if a tool such as the Pectoral Machine you normally do 3 sets of 6 reps with 50 kg in summer you could rather do 3 sets of 10 repetitions with 35-40 Kg.

Obviously, it must be modified slightly even the ‘power: rather than take large amounts of protein, useful for muscle mass, you should rather prefer food rich in minerals, to compensate for the higher sweat that has been subject.

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