Constipation is one of the most common problems suffered today. It is characterized by an insufficient evacuation of feces in the intestine and causes severe pain and discomfort in the body. If not treated early on it can become a chronic disorder that degenerates in other diseases of the digestive system. The most common causes are a poor diet low in fiber and fluids, sedentary lifestyle, stress, age and overweight.

how to avoid constipation


To avoid constipation is to start by changing habits:

Diet: Diet is one of the keys to treating this condition. It is advisable to include foods high in fiber and whole grains like wheat bran, oats, prunes because they help promote digestion and metabolism. It is important to eat a good portion of fruits and vegetables during the three daily meals accompanied by protein and drink lots of water throughout the day.

Exercise: Key to eliminate toxins and counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Sports need at least three times a week and at least thirty minutes. In addition to improved cardiorespiratory system, stimulates and strengthens the digestive system especially the stomach area.

Bathing routine: Keep a schedule of entrance to the bathroom; helps accustom the intestine to take a regular habit for evacuation. You need to spend unhurried time and go because otherwise the reflection is suppressed and there is another episode of constipation.

Laxatives: If possible avoid taking laxatives unless prescribed by a doctor. To the extent that the body adjusts to external factors to induce the evacuation, the syndrome may suffer sluggish bowel and limit the functions of the digestive system.

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