One often hears, in recent years, a homeopathic remedy, not only for colds, but also for many other diseases. What is it exactly?

homeopathic remedy

Even before giving an answer regarding the homeopathic remedy for colds, you need to frame the concept of homeopathy. Homeopathy is a healing method of ancient origin, which in recent times, however, is coming to be of great interest, homeopathy is a completely natural technique that is based on a simple principle, in the jargon called “law of similars”; a disease can be cured by using substances which have repeatedly administered to a healthy individual, cause the same symptoms of the subject to be treated.

Even today there is much discussion about the real usefulness of highly homeopathic interventions, whether it’s homeopathic remedy for colds or other illnesses, opinions are mixed, and in any event there is no scientific confirmation of the real efficacy of this medical approach.

Proponents of homeopathy propose, for the treatment of colds, different types of natural substances, such as teas and syrup prepared with onions, chicory, borage, bay leaf, coltsfoot, eucalyptus, lavender… real tea that according to the homeopathic principle would be very effective in combating this disease.

The cold, however, it is worth emphasizing, is a very common condition, particularly related to microbial infection or chills, in most cases, rather than take special care not to do anything but wait and regarded the disease to run its course, which usually lasts no longer than 3-4 days.

A good doctor, however, can certainly recommend a homeopathic remedy for colds suited to your case.

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