Those who suffer from cholesterol have to take great care in their diet, since, as suggested by the doctors, you can effectively deal with this health problem will be eliminated only if certain types of foods drastically.

high cholesterol foods

But let’s go step by step: what it means to have cholesterol problems?

Cholesterol is a molecule naturally present in our body, which carries out, however, the important functions is not correct, therefore, to imagine that cholesterol is itself a substance hazardous to our health.

Problems arise, however, when the cholesterol in the blood appears to be excessively and this particular disease is technically called hypercholesterolemia.

Who suffers from hypercholesterolemia should intervene in a focused and clear, since this disease can also cause serious damage to health, such as circulation problems and even heart attacks and stroke.

Doctors and nutritionists have agreed that should be strictly avoided, in this case, animal fat, therefore you must give up many foods such as meats, shellfish, eggs (especially the yolk), mayonnaise, other prepared sauces, different kinds of candy and more.

You must instead preferring foods rich in fiber and minerals, so the fruit, vegetables, grains and whole foods, including different types of dietary supplements are great for taking the necessary nutrients without ingesting fat.

Even for those suffering from high cholesterol is good advice to practice is always a healthy and regular exercise.

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