A good toothbrush is very important for the care of our mouth, and must always have a straight handle, and a size commensurate with the age of the person who is going to use. This is important because it is not the same as a toothbrush for children, youth or one for adult.

tips to choose the right toothbrush

As long bristles is preferable to acquire those soft plastic bristles with rounded tips, and must be replaced every 2 or 3 months.

The brushing technique is to firmly take the brush to facilitate the wrist thats can move freely, the upper teeth should be brushed by each of the faces from the gum down, making the same move 10 times in each tooth.

The lower teeth will brush up, just like before, as the rest of the incisors, canines and inside, we scan mode brush them with the brush vertically.

As for the pre-molars and molars should be brushed from front to back or in a circular, and should continue until completion of thorough cleaning of all teeth. Do not forget to take the brush firmly around the bristles to get best results.

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