Appointments with doctors are very short in which you can’t say what you should know to prevent disease. Also not all opportunities have the option to speak with your doctor to provide specialist advice on what is healthy and what is not so much to have an enviable health. Here are some advices from an oncologist who specializes in treating the cancer.

tips to avoid cancer

A good tip is to have lunch or dinner the so-called European or Mediterranean style that is when people take time to eat. So what the experts advise you to take your good time is to eat, that also give you some good benefits for your digestive system, keeps you away from the sun at a time when the rays are more damaging and you may eventually cause skin cancer.

Another tip from experts in cancer is the low temperature to the stove or the grill when you’re cooking meat. This is because when the meat is placed at high temperatures, and is almost burned, amino acids within it are destroyed and may form carcinogens. So it is best that you down the grill temperature even although the meat takes longer to cook as it is better for your health.

It also recommends adopting a pet, because spending a good part of your time with an animal makes your body produce endorphins, which are called hormones of happiness and increase the capabilities of the immune system, and the hormone oxytocin, which increases feelings of wellbeing, in addition to lowering the hormone cortisol which is one of the allies of stress.

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