It is constantly talked about breast cancer and the number of women who suffer, who have suffered and those who have survived, making them an exceptional example when it comes to fighting this disease. However, despite the absence of exact points that should be taken into account to prevent this type of cancer, if there are certain tips that can be taken to avoid suffering from this painful process.

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One of the most popular advice, why not leave to remind you, is to make a self breast exam every month. Be sure to do before the five days preceding your period or after the five days since you finish. Also do not forget to tell your doctor or gynecologist who will explain exactly how it works, because this is the fastest, even a mammogram, to detect any lumps.

Another tip is to make widely known a mammogram every year after you turned forty. Because it is well known that early detection of a tumor makes the chances of surviving this cancer are much higher. Recovery rates for early detection are very high and the recurrence of the disease is also lower.

Finally, you are advised to exercise at least three times a week. Be sure when you exercise to keep your heart rate above normal limits for at least twenty minutes. The walks are good exercise, but make sure it is done vigorously; because they are the kind of exercise makes you sweat which makes it a good practice for the heart and to avoid this type of cancer.

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