Feeding in patients with this type of disease is very important and for this, as they rarely feel like eating, the person in charge shall have much patience, and help not to give up food.

dietary measures for cancer patient

For this you can divide the meals into 6 or 8 small meals a day, to carrying most complete foods in times of increased appetite.

  • You must avoid giving flatulent foods, fried foods, fats, and those meals too intense odor.
  • Let them drink water in small take 2 or 3 liters per day.
  • The cancer patient should eat in a relaxed and peaceful environment to a warm temperature, and you should pay close attention to patient’s weight.

The feeding of these patients must be adapted and modified to be appropriate, many of these patients have trouble chewing, so you should cut or crush food, changing its texture, but still a richer diet, are also very useful in many cases, dietary supplements because they contain concentrations of nutrients, which can meet the food needs of the cancer patient.

They are usually indicated when diet is not enough to meet the nutritional needs, and the doctor will know which ones best suit patients, however, which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, have high protein, amino acids and vitamin E, which are usually much need in these patients.

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