Anise is an herb of the oldest, and is known for its benefits to the digestive and respiratory apparatus, besides being an excellent complement to deal with stress and nervous conditions.

anise, a medicinal herb great benefits

Anise Nuts provide a spectacular touch as this plant is due to its aromatic presence of anethole, a compound that is also beyond its particular aroma, a sweet taste. It is proven that anethole has more sweetening power than sugar.

This compound also present in other plants such as fennel, tarragon and basil, and are widely used in cooking, especially in Spain, there are bagels and rolls characteristics of anise, and in England, aniseed balls are made inside which keeps part of the whole fruit of this plant, as well as other countries where everyone has their own recipe for baked goods with this plant with many benefits.

The mixture of seeds and fresh leaves of anise is used to flavor dishes with meat, and can even use the leaves for seasoning salads and seize all their properties. On the other hand uses beyond that usually given to anise in the kitchen, it also used for preparations of drinks, where you get them by the fruits distilled alcohol vapor and drag the essence and proceeds to mix components other, the most famous quote to anisette, pastis, and is also used to prepare some types of vermouth.

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