Almost one quarter of the population suffers from intestinal problems, including colitis, which manifests as pain in the abdomen. The main reasons attributed to this disease have a poor diet, such as the abuse of sweets, fats and fiber, stress, and no doubt, bacterial infections. Here aims to list some ways to relieve and prevent pain caused by colitis.

colitis problem

No anxiety and Nervousness
Our gut is compared to a second brain as there is a similarity in their embryonic development. This homology is maintained throughout life: so everything that happens in the brain will have an effect on the intestine and its function. When you’re under stress, it happens that the walls of the colon contract giving rise to very strong spasms that cause pain. So, the first step to arrive to relieve the symptoms of colitis is certainly not hold the anger, the so-called “keep everything inside”, do not stand too in a state of anxiety. And avoid, whenever possible, the conditions of high stress.

Surely a diet rich in sweets, fats and alcohol certainly does not help the functioning of the colon and physiological stability of the intestinal mucosa. It is therefore appropriate to adopt a style of power, whereas for colitis, it is recommended not to use alcohol, over-elaborate dishes, foods and spicy sauces, onions and sweet. It is instead a diet consisting of vegetables and fruit in season, or rather a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and all that is necessary for our body, which contains the right amount of protein and vitamins in the foods listed above do not overdo it.

Associated with a healthy diet, exercise helps to make our bodies feel better, not only for toning, but also to maintain a balance within our bodies. Make a simple running or walking helps a lot to the colon to function better, which the bowel motility. It would be better to abandon the sedentary life.

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