The mallow is a plant widely used in the territory. Since ancient times was well known and is used as a vegetable to be eaten together with meat, is that it lends itself as a medicine to treat various diseases: from toothache to dysentery; from cough to inflammation of the skin.

The Mallow grows wild in meadows and pastures in the mountains. Stem from a branch of the branches with leaves and have wavy edges are rough to the touch; the flowers, as well as being very beautiful, or at most have whitish purple. The most typical use, and renowned healing is the infusion which is obtained using the flowers (5 oz) or leaves (10 oz). It’s effective remedy against cough, constipation and stomach pains.

If constipation is caused by physical exhaustion, the same is conclusive if drinking tea during the day for at least two weeks. To order using a soothing herbal tea prepared by mixing fresh leaves, lemon juice, one white egg and sugar to taste. Everything is mixed well and drunk hot.

Mallow can be used “fresh” as a poultice against inflammation of the skin or to soothe the pain caused by arthritis or gout. You just crush them coarsely and warm. To resolve problems arising from decay, you prefer to use the same cold and fresh leaf lying crushed against the sore appears.

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