Black Poplar

The black poplar, and a large shrub that is found mainly in Europe and South Asia. The name by which the botanists call this tree ‘”Populus nigra” and belongs to the family of Salicaceae. In herbal medicine, generally use the bark and buds.

In fact, if you look at the bark turns out to be full of many rich and precious ingredients. We find many glycosides such as salicin, the populoside, totally abandons the typical plant, and also Populin. There are also many other substances such as tannins, benzoic acid and a rich essential oil.

The gems, however, contain two most precious colouring called chrysin and testosterone, besides having a decent amount of wax, rubber and resin. It’s also in high concentrations several organic acids and essential oil. The buds of black poplar are the main ingredient of the populeo ointment.

This compound is very known and popular as a remedy for hemorrhoids. In fact, turns out to be a powerful sedative if used morning and evening. Even the buds are very useful to treat burns and skin abrasions. The bark, however, is used to treat arthritis and rheumatism with daily packs and massage of essential oil.

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