Through this article will tell you a quick and easy way to pass the conjunctivitis within 2-3 days through the use of chamomile, used since antiquity for various purposes and achieving excellent results and little satisfaction.

conjunctivitis problem

Often conjunctivitis we take when we have dirty hands and pass in the eye, or simply because some of ours friend got the scrum. Not to mention that for those wearing contact lenses is at high risk of contamination and can easily run into these unpleasant situations.

How then? Well, one of the methods used since ancient times and is definitely effective use of chamomile. How to use it? First you need to take a pot containing of water and put it on the stove. When the water is hot enough put inside a bag of chamomile tea.

After that is done, you will have ready-made chamomile. Wait for it to cool, but not too much, the ideal would be to reach an average temperature. After taking two balls of cotton wool, soak in the liquid and place it on both eyes, being careful to keep separate the good batting from the left of the right eye, for reasons of hygiene and contamination. Stand about 10 minutes doing these wraps. After you have finished, you can reuse the chamomile heating it again, but not batting: it is preferable to use the new. Simple and effective!

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