Men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer can help their condition that does not progress if they walk at a steady pace for about three hours a week.

benefits of walking against prostate cancer

By doing this exercise, men who were diagnosed with the disease may decrease the chances of tumor growth and the spread of cancer cells, a walk that is relaxed does not offer the same result.

The men who walk at least three hours a week are less likely to have any of these signs of deterioration. Physical and mental stress is also a factor that some hormonal changes that cause an enlarged prostate

These walks offer an effect on cancer progression, because it alters the blood levels of some proteins that encourage the spread of cancer cells.

Men who walk vigorously after diagnosis may delay or prevent the progression of their disease.

Their lifestyle should include physical activity and walking, an easier way to do this, doctors also recommend walking, biking and to better cope with this disease.

Exercise can help patients to recover more quickly after treatment for cancer, but can not set the specific levels involved in, because each person’s needs are different.

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