That the nine months of pregnancy are a time to be spent trying to stay as peaceful as possible for the health of the future child is no longer just a popular belief, but also scientific evidence.

pregnancy stress

A study published in Psychiatry, Translational made ​​by the University of Constance, Germany has in fact put in evidence as the stress suffered by the mother is able to alter a gene and make the child more sensitive to stressful situations and less able to manage them with a lasting effect.

The variation of the gene, and glucocorticoid receptor responsible for regulating the hormonal response to stress, was detected by scientists in children aged between 20 and 19 years, children of mothers who during pregnancy had suffered great stress.

“It is as if the children who receive the signal from their mother who are being born in a dangerous world to develop a lower threshold and a faster response to stress”, explained the researchers.

The women in the study, however, had suffered great stress levels that hardly most pregnant women may be exposed.

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