healthier frying

To get a good but also healthy Fried takes a few tricks. In fact, not all types of oil are ideal for frying, and more, even the right tools make all the difference. Here show you how to get a healthy and good fried.

The first thing you do at the stove is to choose the right oil. The best is the extra virgin olive oil, but are also those of peanuts. Extra virgin olive oil is what keeps the temperature never goes also used more than twice, but also to be careful of being chilled, then just prepared foods remove them immediately from the pan fried and put them on paper to absorb the oil. Therefore be cooked and eaten.

Another important factor is the pan, but do not need a large deep pan, the oil moves to the right temperature is when it bubbles and then add the food to be frying. The best is the Pan once that of iron, provided you possess a, or settle for a small but deep frying pan.

Once baked on foods better not add the lemon because it affected the crunchiness of the fried same goes for the spices and salt, which instead should be added only after cooking to avoid ruining the crispiness.

To get a perfect frying is better to use homemade bread crumbs with leftover bread because it provides a lighter, even better if made the day before.

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