Asthma has been classified as the third global scourge, but sufferers can lead a normal life. Provided, however, follow the appropriate treatment. Asthma manifests itself with a series of recurring symptoms, such as labored breathing, whistling, feeling of chest tightness and cough.

living with asthma

The drugs that are already known, at least as a category, basically steroids for some time can be administered once daily by inhalation. There is also a treatment really innovative but still needs to be verified and is applying electrode that emits heat.

And remember that if asthma is controlled with medication, the sport is advised, because it can contribute to the improvement of respiratory function. Swimming is the activity better tolerated while running the least and then in the latter case it takes certain precautions.

Finally, it is essential to follow a healthy diet and avoid risky behaviors. And then it is good to stay away from tobacco smoke, smog and stressful situations. As for diet, the best is certainly the Mediterranean, rich in antioxidants; especially recommend fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, cereals and olive oil.

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