Dorn Method

Today, give elasticity to the spine and defeat can be a headache. This new discipline super-soft, (which will ensure great results), is called Dorn Method and arrives from Germany. Followed by the Breuss Massage is a winning combination to dissolve muscle tension.

The alternative medicine has several techniques that will help solve the problems of back pain, neck and defects of these are the posture. One of these is the Dorn, an interesting little-known discipline in some country but famous in Germany. It is promote the realignment of the spine with pressure on the sides of the spine while the patient performs the simple movements.

In this way there is a lengthening of the deep spinal muscles, that within a couple of months, leading to the realignment of the spine and decrease pain. It does not require delicate handling, but only pressure and absolutely no pain, first on one side then the other of the spine.

To conclude the session, the operator will submit a Breuss Massage. It is an extremely relaxing technique and the goal of this treatment is to rehydrate the discs. Breuss stretching maneuvers are designed to facilitate deep relaxation: a quarter of an hour massage will rest as a sleep of 8 hours.

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