discover breast cancer gene

The cancer must be among the most dreaded diseases and more common (unfortunately) of our time. The money has been invested in finding new ways to treat and research to find a cure, is abundant. The results of these studies, moreover, have not always been positive.

Breast cancer
However, a few weeks ago a group of American scientists made a breakthrough in the fight against cancer that can mean a great contribution to the cause.

According to information released, it was possible to isolate a gene involved in 70% of breast cancers have more aggressive and more resistant to hormonal treatments that are currently applied in medicine.

The procedure applied researchers from the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Massachusetts, responsible for the discovery, was to inject cancer cells with fragments of genetic material able to disable, turn other genes, the intention was to detect which ones are needed development of a tumor.

The results are a big step for the development of new medicines against cancer: it was determined that there is a gene – the PHGDH – which is extremely active in the types of tumors that we are referring.

This feature causes changes in the chemical composition of the cancer cell that produces amino acid serine, which makes the cancer less treatable. It is certainly a contribution to the welfare of many of the women in the future to develop a malignant tumor in the breast.

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