Diagnosed cataract

The advance of medicine is undeniable in certain fields. Now, a team of scientists from the Institute of Technology has developed a device for diseases such as cataracts through a next-generation mobile phone.

Altered by the fact that 250 million people suffering from blindness due to medical reasons that could have been avoided, this group of scientists got down to work to adapt a device to avoid mobile phone and taken to be tested in machines costing more than 3,500 euros.

And while in the developed countries, spending on medicine invested in these machines is not impossible; in the poor it is almost impossible to undergo such testing. So a device adapted to the mobile would be a very important aid so that developing countries restrain this eye disease.

The good thing about this device based on the latest technology and the latest advances in eye medicine, cataract is diagnosed at an early stage of the disease, also contributing to the patient has many years of health and wellness.

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