Although the number of cases of unwanted pregnancies, the fact is that the design is actually quite complicated. Getting pregnant is not so easy, and couples get take between six months to a year, which gives an idea of ​​the difficulty. Keep in mind that this is true for couples with no fertility problem.

get pregnant

Taking advantage of the period of ovulation
To become pregnant is recommended to take the period of ovulation for women. During these days, its fertility is through the roof. This occurs midway through the menstrual cycle when an egg is released from an ovary.

Enjoying sex during these days (between the thirteenth and fifteenth of the period) greatly increases the likelihood that fertilization occurs, ie a meeting of sperm and ovum in the fallopian tubes.

It is sign of no problem not to obtain it to the first one. In fact, depending on many factors among which are the age of the couple, normally delays between six months and a year in achieving the pregnancy. However, if it takes longer, it is advisable to consult a specialist to carry out treatment of fertility and conception.

According to some gynecologists, the ideal is to have sex just before and just after the day in which the ovulation is produced. That is, if it is a regular 28-day period, the couple would have sex 13 to 15, to favor that the fertilization be produced.

Other gynecologists believe it is better to try three days before ovulation, because these days the cervical mucus provides optimal conditions for sperm survival.

The design is therefore a very complex natural mechanism that involves many diverse factors. That is why it is not enough to ejaculate, but should be given at the same time many conditions that enable the fertilization.

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