The DOC, better known as OCD, is a behavioral disorder that can contribute to worsen the quality of our daily lives more or less serious. Before the situation degenerate is well recognize and remedy to the DOC.


OCD can manifest itself in various ways, some control several times to have closed the car door, gas, sewers, etc. to walk on … This disorder is characterized by an obsession, to be fixed ideas that generate anxiety and repetitive behaviors. The person that suffers perceives the irrationality of their way to act, but does not know.

The action linked to obsessive compulsive thinking may be random or be on some sort of ritual. The ritual actions that the subject does serve to reassure the person with OCD lured to control events; a bit ‘as follows to the letter when a superstitious belief.

We all run into such phenomena, but the situation is worrisome, and should be followed by a specialist, when these behaviors are a response to anxiety states, and many become quite articulate, preventing a normal life for sufferers. There are different levels of DOC. At higher levels is often accompanied by a depression in addition to fatigue caused by constantly practicing these rituals.

The DOC may have genetic reasons, family members or inherent in the personality. Often, the disease affects choosy people and rigid.

The types of DOC found are varied, but the most common are:
a) Repeated control (closed gas, check a document, etc …)
b) Cleaning exasperated (continuous cleaning and wiping)
c) Symmetry (need for order and methodical)
d) Fixed thoughts (count, add, subtract all the time)
e) Accumulation (keep everything).

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