swollen belly

How many times do we feel pain or a swollen belly? During the days of the cycle, we often find ourselves having to resist the stuff of ibuprofen for menstrual cramps, and stress can easily cause pain in the belly. What about the swellings, embarrassing and annoying? Everything has a remedy! To get a flat stomach, and pain we can use the DIY massage the belly. Inspired by Chinese medicine these massages are comfortable because we can drive them to practice and are very simple!

DIY massage to relieve the pain cycle: Stand or sit in a chair. Put your hands on the sides of the basin at the waist. Massages and from front to back following an imaginary curve that passes below the navel.

Anti-stress massage: Lie down and put a hand on the lower abdomen, below the navel is the center of our energy situation. The other hand support flat above the stomach, left under the sternum. Breathing easily carries out a small circular motion clockwise, moving your hands simultaneously.

Massage for digest: Standing place one finger on the sternum, descend slowly to the navel and stop halfway. And the nerve center of the stomach. With the tip of the middle finger apply a drop of essential oil of peppermint based. Let your finger there for a few moments by a slight pressure, or the whole hand resting on your stomach.

Massage for intestinal problems: Stand seating and resting your hands on your hips up to the large intestine, to 3 – 4 cm from the belly button. Rest your fingers stretched out on these points. Do vibrated hands tremble as if to pinching dates!

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