A closer examination for women, less obtrusive, without pain and especially more effective. And because it offers mother, the new mammogram machine-fundamental examination of female breasts-that will ensure a better and very early diagnosis of any cancers.

Compared to the previous equipment for mammography, is based on PET, tomography which measure the metabolic activity of the tumor and allows to recognize and distinguish healthy cells from sick ones, when they already have a thickness of just over an inch (1.5 or so, compared with 5 mm of the conventional mammography), and therefore before become too dangerous. With the classic until now mammography was able to make a specific analysis to check for suspicious growths and nodules of breast, through a survey invasive. With this new technology, made by a group of EU-funded researchers, things will improve considerably.

The woman who has to make the mother is made ​​through mammography lay in a prone position on a couch and then helped arrange the breasts in one of the openings designed. The detector, which has a ring shape, is to surround the breast and allows the patient to avoid the crushing pain. Mammography technology can be particularly effective for women who have implants or those in which it is difficult to get a clear picture on the density and volume of the breast. The device also has proved useful to monitor the effectiveness of any treatment following the diagnosis of cancer.

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