At times, advances in medicine seem drawn from a science fiction movie rather than a study to improve the health and welfare of humans.

heart attack relief

With reservations that such research requires, especially when found in an early stage, a group of British scientists has managed to transform one type of cells similar to stem cells in hearts of adult mice to function as heart muscle, which represents a breakthrough for coronary patients.

The main conclusion from this study that, sure, will be talking about medicine is that in future it could develop a drug to those hearts that have been damaged by a heart to regenerate themselves.

Until now, patients suffering from heart had no choice but to turn the pacemaker or an organ transplant. Therefore, this study led by medicine expert Paul Riley and published in the journal Nature this week has been hailed as a ray of hope for people with severe coronary disease.

So far, it had reduced the number of people who have heart attack, but the people who were not suffering from any improvement in their welfare. Now, this may change since the zones are dead after the attack could be recovered with this medicine.

The director of this medical study assures that can imagine a person at the risk of to suffer a heart attack taking this medicine that prepare to its heart so that if suffers an attack to the heart, the damage that suffer can be repaired.

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