One in three children suffers from this ear inflammation, which most often appears after a sore throat or a cold. In children, especially in the smaller, the tube that connects the throat to the ears is very short and narrow and therefore more easily blocked.

child ear infection

The stagnating mucus causing inflammation and may open the way for the bacteria. These germs infect the mucus into veritable pus that causes acute pain. With younger children who can not yet explain their discount, will be a sudden cry to warn. To be sure it’s just enough of otitis try pressing the small ledge hairline ear, if there is inflammation, the child cry for pain.

Other signs are lack of appetite, vomiting and high fever when they appear immediately after a cold or a sore throat is very likely that there is an infection from the ear. Without the advice of the doctor avoid giving even drops falling from against earache. To relieve his pain take the baby out with the ear down on a warm water bag wrapped in a towel.

If you notice secretions of pus, not insert anything into the ear but you tilt your head to the child above a clean handkerchief. The pediatrician will prescribe an antibiotic to eradicate the infection, and little drops or suppositories for pain relief. If the problem recurs it is often advisable to make spa treatments as a preventive measure.

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