Daily uses of this food often forget its properties that are really unequaled. Although it is a beverage with its relative share of fat and calories should not be deleted, in fact you can use it wisely to lose weight without losing health because you need a minimum of fat.

milk benefits

Meanwhile you should know that a glass of milk has the power to alleviate hunger and to give an instant sense of satiety. Choose to drink skim milk or partly skimmed milk is the first trickiness that does not cost you any trouble because the taste is identical to that whole, but has less fat and therefore less energy, provided of course not to sweeten.

If you like the milk you can experience the diet of Karel, twhich expects, like sole food, a liter of whole milk done not boil to the day. Divide this amount in five doses of two ounces that you will drink during the day. It’s a system of 697 calories, but this, like all weight loss diets “unilateral” and premium protein that link everything to a single feed, must be made only for a short period, to avoid shortages.

Try a variation that is milk and bananas. Do it once a week and only for two days in a row. Three times a day consumes a glass of skim milk and two ripe bananas. Suggest you adopt this solution to a peaceful weekend, if during the six weeks got caught by the throat. This diet is perfect if you have already got a good result with a weight loss treatment and want to keep it without too many sacrifices.

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