You can not qualify as a “disease” in the sense of the word, but it is clear that for anyone with halitosis every open mouth, every opportunity to speak, involves the same distress and discomfort than any other disease.

halitosis problem

The truth is that we’ve all had bad smelling breath, just partying the whole night, smoking, drinking, eating, sleeping and make sure of the way in which the mouth smells like us.

It is clear that majority to puts an end to this “illness” being washed the teeth. Not necessary neither medicines nor complicated processing of oral health treatments. However, other end halitosis is not a simple matter.

Almost everyone with a daily halitosis owe their status to poor dental hygiene, the reason?: Bacteria that live in the mouth, which proteins are processed into food and that in this work release of sulfur gases which are generating bad odor, are reproduced with astonishing rapidity in the mouth.

If someone not well washes the teeth, these bacteria produce more sulfur gases, and therefore more stench.

If halitosis appears for colds, dental matters, by problems with the respiratory tracts, by kidney failure or by affections related to the liver, just with the appropriate treatment for the disease concerned.

The specialists agree that if the teeth are not cared for these bacteria can take after assault gums and if this occurs the halitosis will be a lot more difficult to treat.

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