In pregnancy, the only constant for women is a surprise. Everything seemed normal before it becomes extraordinary even food. Indeed, the diet is vital to the health of the mother and the bud grows. Here is a practical guide to guides women in their pregnancy.

pregnancy diet

What kind of milk a pregnant woman should eat?
For an infant, and therefore to be pregnant milk is important, even nine months before it is born. Any woman who is expecting a baby needs to drink milk (including milk), mainly due to its high calcium content.

Which are the meats in the diet?
Meat consumption is essential for a pregnant woman, but attention, it is necessary to know how to identify what should be put aside and what not.

For example, lean red meats, which have no fat should be eaten at least once per day as a staple food. The reason is simple: this type of meat large proportions of iron stores.

With respect to those that are contraindicated: those with too much fat and, moreover, many doctors recommend restricting consumption of chicken by the hormones that, often, are given to the animal.

What other foods are recommended?

  • Fruits: especially bananas for potassium. Furthermore, it is preferable to leave aside the citrus (orange, grapefruit, tangerine, etc.). Then, in excess, can cause intrauterine movements.
  • Vegetables: any type, is vital to try to wash them well.
  • Eggs: two per day, alone the clear one.
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