recognizing diabetes

It happens that they often feel like something sweet? It can be determined from the variation of glucose in the blood, a signal that indicates a change in our nutrition. In this article guides some suggestions to discover in time the signals that send us our body.

When we take on carbohydrates, the blood glucose level rises and a lot does it swiftly to difference of the carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed, peak blood glucose stimulates insulin adequate training to direct the formation of glucose for energy. All this involves the low blood sugar, so if the release of insulin is high.

Sugar wants more sugar in the long run it requires more insulin to the same result, the first step toward diabetes and overweight. It would therefore prefer slower carbohydrate absorption, complex carbohydrates, whole grain flours or even better, but remember to always accompany the meals, feed high-fiber in which there is the presence of simple carbohydrates.

To limit simple sugars, are those that are routinely used for the preparation of desserts and sweeten your coffee, that is, white sugar, brown sugar, honey. These have more or less the same power of calories and raise blood sugar spike quickly. There are sweeteners that replace sugar. Only for whom it has the diabetes the consumption of these sweeteners is advised.

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