Whether you are stressed out because of an event or due to hard work, there are times you feel exhausted, both physically and mentally. The exhaustion is often as the inability to move or be motivated to perform the actions that we do every day. To recover, usually, you must take steps to help trace the depletion and return to full health.

nervous breakdown

Keep your body hydrated
Drink plenty of water to help your body recover both mentally and physically by symptoms of exhaustion. The brain, due to dehydration, can be confusing signals as to the effort. So to maintain proper hydration, drink at least two liters of water per day. If you’re sporting a very intense session must re-hydrated minerals. Usually sports drinks can help you with that.

Follow a workout
You can exercise to increase energy. In online you can find many sites that offer exercises to combat obesity, heart problems and diabetes, all causes that contribute to exhaustion. In addition, the practice of physical activity increases the levels of endorphins, a substance that increases the well-being in the body.

Sleep enough. Your body needs time to recover from daily activities or physical and psychological trauma. Try to sleep at least 8 hours per night. Also go to sleep at the same time, so your body clock will be able to better synchronize the stages of wakefulness and sleep. In addition, keep the room as dark as you can.

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