control cholesterol

Monitor the levels of fats in the blood means to defend themselves from attack and stroke. Often, however, also knowledge of the most effective means of prevention is scarce. In short, this problem can still unscathed.

If diet and physical activity did not prove sufficient, often becomes necessary to resort to drugs. As a rule, when the values of the cholesterol (LDL) are superior to 160, but every case goes appraised based on the general clinical situation. The drugs most widely used and effective statins are still acting causing a rapid lowering of cholesterol.

Moreover, for years there are drinks on supermarket shelves that promise to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. These products can be a great help if the problem is so mild. And ‘demonstrated that the consecutive employment of these products, but only if linked to an adequate nutrition, poor of fat, can reduce by 8-10 percent the value of the total cholesterol.

To affect its levels are especially eating habits, that a diet too rich in saturated fats. First have to be eliminated from the diet or decreased, are cold cuts, sausages, beef fat and seasonings of animal origin. Even with carbohydrates should not exaggerate, as the salt, especially if you tend to hypertension.

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