pap test

The Pap test means a test which all gynecologic women of childbearing age and after menopause should have regular, this after discovering that it is extremely effective as a means of prevention against cancer of the uterine body.

The PAP test is a test performed by a gynecologist absolutely not obligatory for women, whose importance as a means of preventing cervical cancer is now undisputed. This tumor is known for sure that caused by a viral infection or by a virus transmitted through sexual contact, papillomavirus (HPV).

The first conventional PAP smears should be done after the age of 18 (the period in which is supposed to have initiated the first sexual intercourse), continuing until the age of 35 years with at least once a year (this is the band’s age of increased incidence of suspicious cell changes); between 35 and 65 years can lower the frequency of checks every three years, after 65 years, this survey is used mainly to assess the state of the mucosa.

Of the important measures to be met for 48 hours before a Pap test are: not having sex (would have been form a tapestry of sperm that would jeopardize the reading frame), do not use douches, plugs or other substances that emit oils and fats and we must respect the right date to do this, or in the days immediately preceding ovulation than (around the 12th day preceding the first day of menstruation) because at this stage there is little mucus, few inflammatory cells and the cells more superficial analysis that allow us to be detached and removed easily.

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